Standard Medical Consultation Fees

This page provides information about our standard consultation fees.
Our fees for other services may be found here.

Fees for Enrolled Patients Effective January 2024


Age GroupStandard and ACC FeeFee with Community Services CardNurse
Under 14FreeFreeFree
18-64$48$19.50$35 ($18 with CSC)
65+$44$19.50$35 ($18 with CSC)


Patients who choose to see us on a casual basis are charged an additional $30 per consultation to cover the additional administration costs involved though this may be waived for local residents on their first visit.

The lower fees for Community Services Card holders are dependent upon the government maintaining the payments for this service at a fair and reasonable level.  If payments do not keep pace with the need to maintain our service, the fees for CSC holders will revert to the standard fees.

Due to changes at our bank, we regret that payment by cheque is no longer accepted.

We are often asked questions about our fees. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Some of the more common questions and their answers are listed below.


Q: Why so many age groups?
A: The age groups are the same groups the government uses to set subsidy levels. We pass on the full benefit of any increase in subsidy as soon as it becomes available. Sometimes this varies between age groups.
Q: Why are ACC fees the same?
A: In the past, when there was no subsidy for standard consultations, ACC was the only source of subsidy for adults and the fees were correspondingly lower. ACC subsidies are now very similar to those offered for non ACC consultations and it is no longer possible for us to absorb the additional costs.
Q: The subsidy is lower for the 65+ age group so why are their consultations cheaper?
A: We reduced our prices for the 65+ group by more than the subsidy in order to keep our price structure affordable for our pensioners, many of whom have a fixed income and rising costs. We hope you don't mind the lower fees. We have not used extra fees from other groups to subsidise this lower fee.
Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We prefer eftpos and are pleased to accept Visa, Mastercard, cheques and cash. You may also pay by internet banking.
Q: Do I have to pay on the day?
A: Yes. Payment is expected, and very much appreciated at the time of consultation.

Enrolled patients may choose to pay later and we expect payment to be made by the 20th of the month. A $20 account fee is added to any accounts unpaid after 60 days. This helps towards the cost of administration and sending reminders. Casual patients must pay in full at the time of consultation.

We regret that any costs incurred in recovering bad debt (including collection agency fees) are passed on to debtors.

Casual or Enroled patients may be requested to pay in advance for some services.

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