Enrolment is Currently Restricted

We have been excited to meet so many new patients recently.  We love to care for you all but right now, we are nearly at full capacity and do not wish to compromise the care we offer to our enroled patients so as of 23rd February 2018, enrolment is restricted

This means we are only taking on new patients who live in our cachment area (North of Main South Road, West of Carmen Road, South of Yaldhurst Road) or those who live in the same home as exisiting patients.  We are also able to accept familes whose children are enroled at one of the shools in the cachment area.

0800 Number Helps With Access

We have noticed a fair few people who struggle to contact us because they have no credit on their phone.

To help with this, Hei Hei Health Centre now provides an 0800 number for calls during office hours.

In order to keep costs down, the system works with a callback if you call from a mobile - you will hear a message asking you to hang up, then you are called back automatically.  You will still have to wait to speak to reception, but it won't cost a cent!

The free number is 0800 891 396

Herbal Remedy or Devil's Lettuce


Unless you have been living under a rock recently, you cannot but have noticed that there is a lot of political debate about whether cannabis should be legalised, decriminalised or made available on prescription. 

As ever there is a vast amount of misinformation in the media and online so we thought to try to provide some perspective.  Be warned - you may be surprised and may not like what we have to say here but it is as far as can be told, the truth.

Electronic Prescriptions


If you have needed a prescription over the last month or so you may have noticed a bit of a change.

Your prescription now has a barcode and number in the bottom right hand corner. This is because we are now producing the new NZePS electronic prescriptions, which means the information necessary for your prescription is now sent directly to your pharmacy when they scan the code.

Hei Hei Health Centre is one of the first practices in Christchurch to be using this innovative new system.  The other is our sister practice in Sumner.

Money for Old Rope?


A common question we get asked is why we charge for repeat prescriptions. 

Several patients have commented that this is "Money for Old Rope" and as this is not an uncommonly held perspective, we felt it would be worth explaining why there is a fee and what it covers:


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