Enrolment is Currently Restricted

We have been excited to meet so many new patients recently.  We love to care for you all but right now, we are nearly at full capacity and do not wish to compromise the care we offer to our enroled patients so as of 06 August 2019, enrolment is restricted

This means we are only taking on new patients who live in our cachment area (North of Main South Road, West of Carmen Road, South of Yaldhurst Road) or those who live in the same home as exisiting patients.  We are also able to accept familes whose children are enroled at one of the schools in the cachment area.

We are currently trying to recruit another doctor and hope to have the capacity to open the books fully soon - if you do not qualify to enrol but would like to do so, please use the contact form to send us your details - we will put you on  our waiting list and let you know as soon as we can provide you with the care you deserve.

If your need for medical care is urgent and you feel you need the particular service we provide but do not qualify to enrol today, please speak to our reception staff.  We can still see casual patients though enroled patients do have priority and a casual fee applies. 

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