Firing on all Cylinders


Back at full capacity!








Thank you to all who have been so patient whilst we have been re-organising our clinic.

We are pleased to announce that we have a full complement of medical staff now, and are able to take on new patients at last.

Rob Seddon-Smith and Pedram Zawarreza are joined by Sana Moin, Hana Royal and Jon Werkmeister bringing our doctor count to 5.

Our nursing team is also fully staffed with Mandy Cashmore and Torie Anning offering our full range of nursing services.

So, given that we have got our motor running, now it's up to you to be healthy.  If there's something that's been bugigng you or a problem you've been putting off, it's never been easier to see your doctor!



Harley Engine Flare:  Tim Vrtiska

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