COVID update 17/08/2021

Covid is back. As per the directive this evening, we are now at LEVEL FOUR and will not be seeing patients in person unless they have first had a telephone call. The delta variant of COVID is much more infectious than the original COVID and can be spread by very brief contact so we will do our best to manage your care safely by telephone. Our new computer system means that we can easily send prescriptions to most pharmacies, and our general high standard of record keeping means that in most cases we can manage your care without seeing you in person. All non-emergency work is cancelled. Staff will be in touch to rearrange your care. Although vaccinated people are much, much less likely to get sick, they can still catch and pass on COVID so even if you are vaccinated, you need to follow the rules. Please note: 1. Telephone consultations cost the same as in-person consultations. The same amount of effort and skill is required, even if you are not able to be present.2. If you need to be seen in person as a result of a telephone consultation you will NOT be required to pay twice - it's the same consult after all, just in two parts.3. Please ensure the absolute minimum number of people attend the surgery. The more people who come, the higher the risk.4. Please wear a mask. No mask, no entry. Children under 5 don't have to wear a mask if they won't, but please try.5. If you can, please come in a car and call us when you arrive. We will try hard to see you very close to your appointment time. IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS, please make an appointment for a swab - there is NO CHARGE for a COVID swab and we only know if it is in the community if everyone who has symptoms gets tested.

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