Family Medical Services

We believe that wherever possible, you should be able to get the care you need close to home, in our comfortable, familiar rooms. We offer a very wide range of services, some of which attract a fee and some of which do not. Our FREE services for enrolled patients include:

  • Smoking Cessation (including prescriptions)
  • Sleep studies
  • Steroid Injections (with consultation)
  • Free consultations for pregnant patients
  • Sexual Health consultations for patients aged under 21

We also offer a number of premium services which attract a fee. Please note that whilst we make every effort to ensure prices are accurate, they are subject to change and the price listed here is a guide only:

ServiceGuide PriceNotes
Repeat prescription (collected)$15 
Repeat prescription (faxed)$20Where we have to post the original script.
Urgent prescription$5 extraFor prescriptions required sooner than 2 working days from request.
Paper Controlled Drug prescription$30For prescriptions on triplicate pad.
Blood Tests$10Usually available between 09:00 and 16:00
ECG$40Tracing of the electrical rhythm of the heart useful in diagnosing chest pain and other heart conditions.
Spirometry$40Comprehensive breathing test performed by some of our nurses.
Mole and Cyst Removal$280High quality surgery at very low cost.
Liquid Nitrogen$15Treatment for warts and some skin conditions. A consultation fee may also apply.
Travel Clinic$35Our nurses can help you to stay safe whilst you travel. If immunisation is required, an additional fee applies.
24 Hour Blood Pressure$135Records blood pressure twice per hour for 24 hours.  You will also need to pay for a consultation to discuss your results.  FREE if requested by the doctor.
Reports and Consulting$125Preparation of reports for insurance, lawyers, or general consultancy.  Price per 15 minutes or part including GST.  Minimum 15 minutes.
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