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Coronavirus update 23 March 2020

This is an unusual news post as it is both a news post and guidance for our staff.

It is being put here so that everyone knows what is going on and why, and also how to provide feedback - all ideas are very welcome in these trying times.

Through all of this our purpose is to ensure that you spend as little time in our waiting room, possibly being exposed to others as possible, to protect our staff without whom we cannot make this work, and to do our best to deliver the highest quality healthcare we can, circumstances be damned.

Read on to see how your team is going to be managing things in the coming days to weeks:

Flu and Coronavirus 1st March 2020

image of needle and phial illustrating an article about influenza vaccine and coronavirus


As we hear of the first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus, covid-19 in New Zealand, we are receiving more and more enquiries about both this and the 'flu vaccine.

The 'Flu vaccine will not be available until 1st April this year.  We will be letting you know as soon as it comes into stock.  Having the whole family, especially children immunised is the best way to stop influenza spreading in our community.  Although the 'Flu vaccine provides NO protection against Covid-19, it does reduce the risk of getting sick and this will help both to ease worries over what may be a stressful period and of course the more people who are immunised, the fewer sick people will need to be managed in hospital, freeing resources in case there are large numbers of coronavirus cases.

Despite what you might hear in the media, this is NOT the zombie apocalypse and we are NOT all going to die.

Coronavirus Update

We are receiving a few requests for information about how to manage the new virus that is making the news right now.  Although the chances are good that this will be a non-issue, there is a lot of public concern so we thought to bring you some information you could use to navigate the muddy waters.


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